ranking fast! haha

2008-08-25 18:00:00 by roryblakemore


i have ranked pretty fast lateley! only a few days ago i was level 2 and i have ranked up each day! getting 100 blams and save together!

im happy with it!

my goal is sup. commander?

think i can make it? *NOOOOOO*

lets see in a years time?? eh!


what are your ranks!?

ranking fast! haha

learning flash!

2008-08-18 07:25:42 by roryblakemore

Ive currently been learning flash and creating my animations! (which are shit)

you can see one i made for clock day! For the time i did it in! i was chuffed!

but my other one i have been working on! is no where near as good?

hmmm.....it will get blammed! LOL

youtube and newgrounds

2008-08-02 09:50:36 by roryblakemore

go to:

for my latest animation and stuff! make sure to subscribe!

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My animation series! GINGER LIGHTNING

latest video! ^

Im new to newgtounds and ive just started getting the hang of things!

I will be posting up songs and animations if i can use flash properly! :S


rory x